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How it works

Step 1: Choose a Base

Choose one of our 7 bases to serve as the foundation of our customizable Poke Bowls. Choose from white rice, brown rice, green mix, half & half (white rice or brown rice & green mix) or soy wrap or seaweed wrap (for our customizable Poke Wrap). For our customizable BBQ Bowls, choose between white rice, brown rice, or green mix.

Step 2: Choose Basic Toppings

Our basic toppings include healthy servings of a variety of fresh produce. Choose from avocado, crab meat, thinly sliced sweet onion, and English cucumber, all of which are loaded with nutritional value and flavorful taste!

Step 3: Choose Protein

We know that personal tastes vary significantly, so we worked from the beginning to offer as many protein options as we could. To date, these include freshly cut tuna and salmon, seared albacore, our house-made spicy tuna, ginger shrimp, sea scallop, octopus, tamago, and tofu. If you prefer meat, we also serve barbecue bowls made with either Teriyaki Chicken or Bulgogi-style Beef cooked to order.

Step 3–1: Poke Bowl Protein Options

Step 3–2: BBQ Bowl Protein Options

Step 4: Choose Poke & BBQ Bowl Finishing Toppings

To finish your bowl, choose from a wide range of toppings. We’ve worked hard to find foods that pair well with our fish and sauces, and offer a wide range of toppings to add a little extra-crunch, texture, or sweetness, to ensure your bowl is exactly what you wanted. Choose from seasoned seaweed salad, edamame, cilantro, ginger, wasabi, masago, green onion, corn, radish sprouts, crispy garlic, crispy onion, house cucumber, jalapeno, cabbage kimchi, sesame seeds, and furikake.