Poke (‘Poh-kay’) is a traditionally Hawaiian dish that has re-emerged in new and exciting forms in the mainland United States over the past few years. While the initial dish came from fisherman’s habit of seasoning and snacking on the odds and ends of their fish catch, the dish evolved into a way of lightly seasoning chunks of raw fish (usually ahi tuna or octopus), meat, or even vegetables to serve as an appetizer or entire meal. While the fish and prepartion haven’t changed much, mainland poke restaurants (often pronounced the word as “poh-kee” or “pohch”) often give customers numerous options to select what their fish is served on, the sauces used to flavor it, and the toppings served alongside or mixed in with their meals.

WHAT Does Poke2u Serve?

Poke2U serves made-to-order poke bowls, poke wraps, barbeque bowls, and sushi. Starting January 2019, we also serve Ramen in-store. Combining elements of Hawaiian, Japanese, and Korean cuisine, our unique take lets customers have complete control over every element of their meal while experiencing some of the best flavors of the Pacific.

Unlike most poke restaurants, our poke bowls are served on a base of fresh sushi rice, which we prepare from scratch using traditional methods every single morning. This is not plain steamed rice like our competition; new employees usually train for over 3 months before they’re able to make rice to our specifications, a lightly sweetened pure and fluffy rice that is firm and not too sticky. Choose from white sushi rice, brown sushi rice, salad, or a combination of two of those to make your base, then top it with crab meat, spicy crab meat, sweet onions, cucumbers, or avocado.

You can then choose from freshly cut tuna or salmon, lightly seared albacore, house-made spicy tuna, tomago, a Japanese egg omelet, tofu, octopus, ginger-brined shrimp, or scallops, and either eat it plain or add one of our Korean-inspired poke sauces. You can opt for our non-spicy, mild, medium, or spicy house blend, or mix and match sauces from our house-made ponzo, sesame oil, house-made mango, house-made spicy mayo, sriracha, chili paste or teriyaki sauce. Once we mix in the sauce, you can choose from 16 different toppings, a carefully prepped collection of fresh vegetables, dried ingredients, and fermented foods that we know perfectly accompany our food.

The barbeque bowls are assembled by the customer in the same way, but they choose either Teriyaki Chicken or Bulgogi-Style Beef instead of their other proteins. The poke wraps, also known as sushi burritos, are composed of the same ingredients and steps as well, but the food is rolled in either seaweed or soy paper so it can be eaten on the go.

Our sushi rolls are made-to-order by our team of expertly trained chefs, and emphasize both the quality of the rice and the fish that goes into every bowl. While perfectly fine when eaten to-go, dine-in customers are often wowed by their plating.


The Poke2u team would love to see you in our store, but understand that you may not always be in our area. If you would like to order our food online, we currently use a variety of delivery services.

The complete Poke2u menu can be found on our website, Postmates, and UberEats. Our Grubhub account does not currently have our sushi menu. Due to the high commission percentage that these platforms take from each order, the best prices for online orders are through our website. Our restaurant delivers between 6pm and 11pm, Monday-Saturday. Orders greater than $15 made within 3 miles qualify for free delivery.


We proudly serve our community 7 days a week, Monday-Saturday 11am to 11pm, and Sunday, 12pm-8pm. We are closed most federal holidays.


We are located on 4th Street and Mill Avenue in Downtown Tempe, just west of Fuzzy’s Tacos. We are #114 in the 414 Building Block, in the furthest northwest section of the building.